Wisdom Works Speaks To The Guardian About Women Leadership In Sustainability

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The positive impact of women, not only on business, but also the economy, sustainable development and society in general is increasingly being recognised by organisations like the UN, at international conferences like Rio+20 and by governments. However, while many leaders recognise the positive impact gender diversity can have on business performance, this belief often does not […]

Pop Goes the Values Bubble – A Vital Macro Trend toward Good Health

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I’m fascinated by new experiments utilized to uplift cultures, corporations and communities.  This fascination led me to ask a group of forward-thinking corporate, community health and university execs, “What macro-trends are accelerating our human drive for wellbeing?” Jamie Gordon, vice president of consumer anthropology for Northstar Research, responded enthusiastically. Her firm provides market insights for […]

Our CEO Renee Moorefield Discusses How Good Health Is Trending

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To stay on top of my work, I must constantly ponder: What macro-trends are accelerating our drive for well-being? I posed this question to a group of colleagues who are tasked by their organizations to notice what’s happening at the edges of human wellness and cultural innovation.  Five macro-trends rose to the top. Pop Goes […]

Karen Flanders Joins Wisdom Works As Sustainability Practice Leader

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The leaders of thriving organizations and communities realize that sustainability is a core strategy toward wellbeing. So we’re delighted that a maven of the sustainability world, Karen Flanders, recently joined our team as Sustainability Practice Leader. To her work with Wisdom Works clients, Karen brings over 20 years of experience leading sustainability initiatives within corporations, […]