Gen Z and Women Lead Trends toward Wellbeing

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Part of Wisdom Works’ promise to our clients is to stay abreast of the health and wellness trends which affect how leaders lead. So it was a delight for me to organize our recent mind-expanding, heart-opening leader-to-leader event named The Human & Cultural Wellbeing Trends Impacting Our Nation & Our World. To kick off a lively dialogue, I invited friend and colleague Tom LaForge to share the current macro-trends he’s investigating as Global Director of Human & Cultural Insights at The Coca-Cola Company.

In his job, Tom has the unique role of identifying emerging shifts in human motivation that could impact how companies operate. At our event, he initiated a spirited discussion of where we are now, how far we’ve come, and what lies ahead. What leaders at our event agreed on was this: an authentic movement toward positive, healthy living is advancing worldwide.

Our conversation shined light on many ways this heartening trend is evident: in everything from the strategic use of employee wellness programs and community development models which also make a profit to the burgeoning organic food market and the mainstreaming of homeopathics. Here are two of the trends Tom shared as driving a growing desire by consumers and citizens to experience life through the lens of health and wellbeing:

I know each participant in our leader-to-leader forum took their own inspiration away from these and the other trends Tom illustrated. For me, the “so what” was two-fold. First, it was gratifying to get out of the trenches and realize that working toward sustainable wellness in our personal and professional lives is no longer a lonely task. It is a drive that is gaining momentum and support. And second, I appreciated Tom’s ability to open eyes to the leaders among us, regardless of age or gender. When we welcome the contributions of any of the creative-thinking trendsetters among us, then we have truly joined a positive, healthy trend in leadership.

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